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Colosseum: Tickets

How to buy Colosseum entrance tickets, avoid lines, save time and enjoy your visit to the Flavian Anphiteater.
The Colosseum, Flavian Amphitheatre: History, Tickets and Opening Hours

Ordinary tickets

Tickets for the Colosseum give access to the amphitheater as well as access to the Roman forum / palatine hill (they remain valid for two days).

It is advisable to buy ordinary Colosseum tickets on site at the ticket office to avoid the extra online reservation fee of €2 on the website of CoopCulture by clicking on this link.

The prices of tickets are as follows:

Full admission € 16
Reduced admission € 7.50, for European Union members between 18 and 25 years.
Online booking fee € 2.00

Free for: children under 18 years, teachers, tourist guides, and for everyone on the first Sunday of the month from January to March and from October to December.

Update: from 1 November 2019 the “basic” ticket has undergone an increase, going from 12 to 16 euros. The following tickets have also been introduced:

  • Full experience” from 22 euros valid for two days, which will allow you to visit the Colosseum and the arena, the Roman Forum, the Palatine and the “super” sites of the Palatine, from the House of Livia to the House of Augustus, the Neronian cryptoporticus , the Domus Transitoria and Santa Maria Antiqua.
  • Foro Palatino Super” from 16 euros. Like the Full experience, but without access to the Colosseum.

Skip the line tickets

By taking part in the guided tours you will have priority access from a separate entrance. Nevertheless, many “Skip the Line” or “Jump the queue” tickets are on offer. In fact they are ordinary tickets sold at an increased cost, which can be bought on Internet by searching for “Colosseum tickets” or “Colosseum skip the Line”, as well as from the so-called “tourist promoters” who are always standing in front of the main entrance gate of the Colosseum.

They allow visitors, accompanied by a “promoter“, to access the Colosseum by means of the entrance which is supposed to be reserved only for tourist groups, apparently with the consent of some of the staff who manage the monument.

The time that you can save in this way is certainly an incentive for purchasing these tickets, but we wish to appeal to your sense of ethics and civic responsibility, so that you do not encourage this practise that is based on the dubious conduct of organizations that are a blemish on the prestige of Italy.

A valid alternative is the purchase of packages, which in addition to entrance tickets, offer the accompaniment of a certified tour guide.

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