Complete Guide to the Use of Taxi in Rome: How to Book Taxis, How to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises and Fraud. Prices and Alternatives.
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Taxi: Phone numbers

How to book taxis in Rome. From the phone number of "Radio Taxi" to "Samarcanda".
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Phone numbers

Taxi phone numbers in Rome

Here are the phone numbers to call for the most important taxi cooperatives in Rome.

06/6645 (Pronto Taxi)

Vehicles: 1200 (dati 2016) Google Reviews rating: 3.8/5

06/6645 is the number for calling Pronto Taxi, a cooperative founded in 1974. It is also possible to book trips directly via SMS, Whatsapp or Telegram by writing to +39.342.0093509.

Reserved number for services to / from Fiumicino with customer pick-up at Terminal 2: 06/66182860

Additional services

“InTaxi”: app per prenotare direttamente le corse da cellulare (iOs e Android)

3570 (Radio Taxi)

Vehicles: 3700 Google Reviews rating: 3.2/5

3570 is the largest cooperative in Rome (and, according to the company, in Europe). It offers a series of additional services and is ISO 9001 certified.

Additional services

“Per Lei”: night service operating from 01:00 to 5:00 for women only. The taxi driver will follow the passenger with his eyes up to the door entrance. Number: 06.3570.1

“Taxi Sordi”: app created in collaboration with ENS (National Deaf Authority) dedicated to deaf people.

06/5551 (Samarcanda)

Vehicles: 360 Google Reviews rating: 4.0/5

Samarcanda is a cooperative founded in 1992 by 11 founding members. Today it has a fleet of 360 units and an active 24-hour call center. In order to call Samarcanda taxis, just dial 06/5551. Samarcanda is also an Alitalia Millemiglia partner, for which every euro spent is credited to the customer for 2 miles.

You can also request a taxi by sending a message to 329.498.5551 on Whatsapp or Telegram.

Additional services

“AppTaxi”: Travel booking application. Through the app, can also be accumulated “Italo Più” (Italian railway transport company) points.

064157 – 064994 (Taxi Tevere)

Vehicles: n/d Google Reviews rating: 2/5

Taxi Tevere is a cooperative founded in 1989 and offers the radio taxi service.

Useful tips when calling a taxi

Here are some useful tips to avoid unpleasant surprises when calling a taxi.

Request a taxi in advance

It is important to carefully evaluate the journey times of the taxi to the required destination. The streets of the city of Rome are chaotic and you can easily come across long lines, in particular on the large arteries that lead to the airports. We therefore recommend that you request a taxi in advance (to ensure your ride) and book carefully taking into account travel times and possible delays.

Check whether there are events

The city of Rome is the capital of Italy and protests, marches and strikes are frequent. The latter, particularly when it comes to public transport strikes or demonstrations by taxi drivers’ unions, block a good part of the city traffic, creating enormous inconvenience for travelers.

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