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Rental service with driver Rome / Ciampino Airport

Rental with driver to and from Ciampino Airport. Mercedes cars and special rates.
Limo car rental with driver Rome Ciampino airport

Car rental with driver (NCC): Rome – Ciampino airport

Those who have already used the rental service with driver in the past, will hardly give up a NCC for his transfer.

The Rome / Ciampino airport NCC service will avoid you long queues at the taxi station after the stress of a plane trip is already a good reason to choose a premium service.

In addition, being greeted directly at the exit of the passenger area , and the possibility of traveling in high-end cars is the best way to start a holiday, or to return home safely after a trip.


Reliability, elegance and comfort. These are the three main qualities of the Mercedes car manufacturer. And also the three reasons why the fleet is made up solely of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes S-Class, E-Class, new E-Class are available , up to a maximum of two people (due to anti-covid restrictions, it is not possible to use the front passenger seat). For more passengers, Mercedes V-Class, Vito and Vito Tourer are available.

Finally, you have a 2016 Mercedes Pulman Limousine and a 1963 Mercedes 600 Limousine.

In case of special requests, such as the choice of a specific car, just fill in the optional field in the form.

NCC Rome / Ciampino: prices

How much does a ride to Rome / Ciampino airport cost by booking a NCC? Less than you might think. In fact, it costs little more than a taxi . The latter provide standard prices, from 31 euros (within the Aurelian walls) to 36 euros (Tiburtina station).

A luxury NCC car, with first-class service, and its own driver waiting for it outside the passenger area of ​​the airport has a starting price of only 45 euros + VAT . This price may vary in case of special requests, from the car model (for example if you choose a limousine or if you need to use a van) and from the destination.

Pick-up Destination Number of people Car Price
Ciampino airport Aurelian walls 1-2 Sedan 45,00 + VAT (10%)
Ciampino airport Aurelian walls 3-6 Minivan 60,00 + VAT (10%)
Ciampino airport Aurelian walls 7-8 Van 70,00 + VAT (10%)
Aurelian walls Ciampino airport 1-2 Sedan 45,00 + VAT (10%)
Aurelian walls Ciampino airport 3-6 Minivan 60,00 + VAT (10%)
Aurelian walls Ciampino airport 7-8 Van 70,00 + VAT (10%)

Online booking

Request a quote now for your ride by filling out the form on this page. You will receive a quick reply by email with the total cost of the ride.

Additional information

To limit the spread of Covid 19, maximum attention is guaranteed in the frequency of sanitizing and sanitizing the vehicles, as well as the constant use of masks.

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