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Metro Rome Tickets: How much do they cost and Discounts
Metro tickets Rome: how much do they cost?

ArcheoRoma Editorial Staff - 8 February 2020

In order to move in the city of Rome there are many solutions provided by public transport that connect the different areas. To use buses, trams and undergrounds, it is essential to have a ticket to be validated at the start of the ride. Tickets can be purchased at smoke shops and newspaper kiosk or […]

Rome Fountains: the most beautiful and popular. La Barcaccia at Piazza di Spagna
Rome fountains: the most beautiful and popular

ArcheoRoma Editorial Staff - 9 February 2020

The fountains of Rome The Romans have been passionate enthusiasts of public water since ancient times and the countless fountains present in the different districts of the city bear witness to this. The geological conformation of the land on which Rome was built gave natural outlet to countless spontaneous springs and for this reason, fountains […]