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Guided tour of the Pantheon

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Compelling guided tour of the Pantheon: the best preserved building of Ancient Rome. Available in English

  • Location:
    Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 6

  • Duration:
    45 minutes

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  • Accessibility:
    Wheelchair accessible

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Guided tour of the Pantheon, famous for its dome and oculus
The dome of the Pantheon and the oculus

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Tour of the Pantheon: the best preserved building of ancient Rome

The tour offers the opportunity to explore the best preserved building of Ancient Rome in a compelling way. The Pantheon in Rome, originally built by Marcus Agrippa and later rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian, is renowned for its unique architecture and significance historical.

In the 7th century it was transformed into a Christian church, dedicated to Santa Maria dei Martiri, which helped its conservation. The Pantheon’s striking features include a square entrance, a vast circular space inside, and a magnificent dome. When Michelangelo saw this marvel for the first time in the early 1500s, he declared it to be of “angelic and non-human design”.

It is accessed through an octastyle pronaos which, through a forepart, introduces us into an internal space with a circular plan (the so-called “rotunda”). In addition to its generous dimensions, what particularly amazes visitors is the dome, which with its 43.44 meters in diameter is the largest ever built in unreinforced concrete.
At the top of the dome there is an opening to the sky, the famous oculus (the eye of the Pantheon), with a diameter of 8.8 meters and is the only source of natural light in the Pantheon.


  • Collect the official ticket at the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Lucina (7 minutes walk from the Pantheon), at least 45 minutes before the guided tour.
  • Show your smartphone ticket at the audio guide desk inside the Pantheon, after the entrance on the left
  • Better to arrive early to avoid a long wait (about an hour) due to security checks.

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This ticket includes, in addition to the guided tour, the mandatory reservation (where necessary).

N.B. This ticket can be canceled and rescheduled up to 24 hours before the visit.

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