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Ordinary Colosseum guided tour

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Ordinary Guided Tour of the Colosseum: what is included and how to organise your visit to one of the world's most historically rich wonders.

  • Duration:
    3 h

  • Location:
    Piazza d'Aracoeli, 16

  • Available language:
    French, English, Italian, Spanish

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Ordinary Guided Tour of the Colosseum +access to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
The Colosseum (on the left) and the Roman Forum (on the right)

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This ticket includes a supplement for the fundraising promoted by the Italian Government aimed at securing and restoring cultural heritage in the flooded areas of Emilia Romagna (Art. 14 - DL 1 June 2023, n.61).

Discover the fascinating world of ancient Rome

Experience the awe-inspiring Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill with our Colosseum Express Guided Tour Tickets. Immerse yourself in the captivating history and grandeur of ancient Rome as you explore these iconic landmarks with a knowledgeable guide.

What’s included

  • Guided tour of the Colosseum
  • Single entry to the Colosseum
  • Single entry to the Roman Forum
  • 25-minute multimedia video about ancient Rome
  • Radio headsets for clear audio during the tour

Embark on a journey through time as you stroll through the ruins of the Roman Forum, the bustling center of daily life in ancient Roman society. Discover the secrets of the Colosseum, including its preserved interiors and upper levels that offer breathtaking views of the city.

What’s not included

  • Guided tour of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • Access to the underground areas
  • Access to the Arena

Colosseum: a monument of magnificence

The Colosseum, located in Rome, is a globally recognized historical monument. This iconic amphitheater served as the epicenter of entertainment, hosting spectacular gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, and simulated naval battles.

A glimpse into ancient Rome

Step back in time as you explore the architectural marvels of the Colosseum and learn about the ingenious construction techniques employed by ancient Roman engineers. Marvel at the colossal scale of this monumental structure and envision the grand spectacles that once unfolded within its walls.

Uncover the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Adjacent to the Colosseum lies the Roman Forum, an ancient marketplace and political center. Walk amidst the ruins of temples, basilicas, and government buildings that were integral to the daily life of ancient Rome.

Rising above the Forum is the Palatine Hill, where emperors and the elite once resided. Wander through the sprawling archaeological site and admire the remnants of opulent palaces and lush gardens, gaining insights into the lives of Rome’s ruling class.


  1. Show your mobile ticket to the guide at the Tourism Office located at Piazza D’Ara Coeli 16.
  2. In front of the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II (the large white monument), turn right and pass the bus stops at Piazza Venezia. Cross the small park, and you will see a fountain right in front of the office.
  3. Join your guide for a 1-hour guided tour of the Colosseum.
  4. Explore the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill at your own pace for up to 2 hours.
  5. A valid ID document is mandatory.

Proper attire is important for your visit to the Colosseum and other archaeological sites. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes as there will be a fair amount of walking. Additionally, since some areas may be exposed to the sun, it’s advisable to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

Please note that cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the visit, and rescheduling is also allowed up to 24 hours before the visit.

Important informations

We inform you that specifications, prices and information on tickets and tours may be subject to change and may not always be accurate.

We recommend that you carefully check the offer in the next step and check that the data is entered correctly.

Ticket price for the Colosseum

  • Adults 18+: €23 + €2 booking fee + other services
  • Reduced 18-25 EU citizens: €3 + €2 booking fee + other services
  • Free 0-17: €0 + other services

Last entry: 15 minutes before closing

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