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Ticket for the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill: priority access

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The best-selling ticket to visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Priority access and downloadable map of the Colosseum

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    Colosseum: gate for individual entrances

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    italian, english, french, german, polish, spanish, chinese

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    Wheelchair accessible

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The Colosseum, Flavian Amphitheatre: History, Tickets and Opening Hours
View of the Colosseum from the west side photographed from the Colle

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This ticket includes a supplement for the fundraising promoted by the Italian Government aimed at securing and restoring cultural heritage in the flooded areas of Emilia Romagna (Art. 14 - DL 1 June 2023, n.61).

Combined ticket: Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

The best-selling ticket for a visit to the Colosseum is a combined ticket that includes a visit to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.

Thanks to this ticket you can explore the first and largest permanent masonry amphitheater in the world, the Colosseum (or Flavian Amphitheater). Inaugurated in 80 AD under the reign of Titus, today it represents the most visited archaeological site in the world and an essential stop for those visiting Rome.

After entering the Colosseum, it is possible to visit the archaeological area of ​​the Roman Forum on the same day , located a few steps from the Flavian Amphitheater, along via dei Fori Imperiali. It collects some of the pearls of the history of the Roman Empire. Monuments from several different eras are concentrated in a relatively small space. From the basilica of Maxentius to the temple of Saturn, from the basilica of Julia to the temple of Vesta.

To the left of the Roman Forum, go up the Palatine Hill , with its imperial palaces overlooking the Circus Maximus. Here we find the residence of Augustus with its stadium, the domus Tiberiana, the palace of Domitian and several temples.

Priority access

The combined ticket offers the possibility to access without having to go through long queues. Follow the instructions below to take advantage of the skip-the-line service.


  • Go to the Colosseum gate reserved for individual entrances no later than the booked time (we recommend 30 minutes before)
  • Scan the ticket received on your smartphone
  • After the visit to the Colosseum, go to the entrances of Via dei Fori Imperiali to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and choose one of the 5 itineraries proposed, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Entrance at Largo della Salara / Largo Corrado Ricci

Other information

Access to the Colosseum is limited to 20 people and it is necessary to undergo security checks at the entrance. Every object such as cell phones, backpacks and bags will be controlled thanks to metal detectors, as is usually the case at the airport.

Bulky items such as suitcases or trolleys are not accepted, while small and medium-sized shoulder backpacks can be introduced (no camping backpacks).

It is also forbidden to bring in glass bottles and containers, alcoholic beverages and aerosol cans.

This ticket does not include :

  • Guided tour
  • Access to the fourth and fifth floors of the Colosseum
  • Access to the underground
  • Access to the arena

It is not possible to change this ticket. It is therefore advisable to carefully select the date and time.

Important informations

We inform you that specifications, prices and information on tickets and tours may be subject to change and may not always be accurate.

We recommend that you carefully check the offer in the next step and check that the data is entered correctly.

Ticket price for the Colosseum

  • Adults 18+: €23 + €2 booking fee + other services
  • Reduced 18-25 EU citizens: €3 + €2 booking fee + other services
  • Free 0-17: €0 + other services

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