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Guided tour of the Pantheon

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Compelling guided tour of the Pantheon: the best preserved building of Ancient Rome. Available in Italian and English
Guided tour of the Pantheon, famous for its dome and oculus
The dome of the Pantheon and the oculus

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  • Entrance:
    Ufficio Touristation, piazza d’Ara Coeli, 16

  • Duration:
    45 minutes

  • Instant ticket delivery:

  • Accessibility:
    Wheelchair accessible

  • Available languages:
    English, Italian

  • Tickets on smartphone:

Tour of the best preserved building of Ancient Rome: the Pantheon

This tour offers the chance to explore the best preserved building of Ancient Rome in a compelling way. The Pantheon is a jewel of Roman architecture, dating back to the 2nd century AD.

This Roman temple is dedicated to all the gods and was built by the will of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian to replace the Pantheon of Agrippa.

It is accessed through an octastyle pronaos which, through a forepart, introduces us to an internal space with a circular plan (the so-called “rotunda”). In addition to its generous dimensions, what particularly astounds visitors is the dome , which at 43.44 meters in diameter is the largest ever built in unreinforced concrete .


  • Access the Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda) in advance, as there may be long lines due to security checks
  • Show your smartphone ticket inside the Pantheon, after the entrance on the left

Additional information

Entrance to the Pantheon is free, but reservations are required on Saturdays and holidays. This ticket includes, in addition to the guided tour, the compulsory reservation (where necessary).

Note: You may be able to change this ticket.