Roma Pass: the official card for museums and public transportation

Roma Pass

The Roma Pass is the official card for tourists in Rome. Allows unlimited use of public transport and access to museums.

Last update: 27 October 2019

    Guided tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum
    Colosseum: drawing of the Flavian Amphitheater
    5 star rating for the guided tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum

    Duration: 3 hours

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    Roma Pass

    Roma Pass is the only official card  for tourists supplied by the city of Rome.

    The card allows access to a wide range of museums and monuments which are described below.

    Roma Pass 48 hrs

    Roma Pass 48hrs in the light version card

    Roma Pass 48 ore
    28,00 € / persona
    Roma Pass 48 ore + Vox Vatican Guide
    33 € / persona

    What does Rome Pass 48hrs include?

    Rome Pass 48 hrs provides:

    • One free entrance to a meuseum or an archeological site by your choice  (completed list below this page). The exhibitions in the museums are also inclueded for free.
    • Free public transports whitin the city of Rome (Atac) for 48 hrs 
    • A city pocket map

    Options: Vox Vatican Guide (5€ per person)

    Roma Pass 72 hrs

    The Roma Pass 72 hrs is the perfect option for those who planned to stay in the “eternal city” for at least three days.

    Roma Pass 72 ore
    38,50 € / persona
    Roma Pass 72 ore + Vox Vatican Guide
    43,50 € / persona

    What does Rome Pass 72hrs include?

    Rome Pass 72 hrs provides:

    • Free entrance to two meuseums or archeological sites by your choice (completed list below this page).The exhibitions in the museums are also inclueded for free.
    • Free public transports whitin the city of Rome (Atac) for 48 hrs 
    • A city pocket map

    Possible itineraries

    Below the list of the possible itineraries

    • Appia antica (includes: Cecilia Metella mausoleum and Castrum Caetani + Villa dei Quintili)
    • Terme di Caracalla
    • Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatinum (cumulative ticket, the forum romanum museum is not included)
    • Galleria Borghese
    • Ancient Art National Gallery in Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Corsini (cumulative ticket)
    • Galleria Spada
    • National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art
    • MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
    • Mercati di Traiano – Fori Imperiali Museum
    • Capitolini Museums (Campidoglio)
    • Capitolini Museums – Centrale Montemartini
    • Villa Torlonia Museums (bigietto cumulativo: Casina delle Civette + Casino Nobile)
    • Civic Museum of Zoology
    • Ara Pacis Museum
    • Museo della Civiltà Romana (temporary closed)
    • Museo della civiltà, EUR (cumulative ticket)
    • Museum of Rome
    • Museum of Rome in Trastevere
    • National Museum of Musical Instruments
    • Castel Sant’Angelo National Museum
    • National Museum in Piazza Venezia
    • National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia
    •  National Roman Museum (cumulative ticket: Crypta Balbi, Palazzo Altemps, Palazzo Massimo, Terme di Diocleziano)
    • Palazzo Valentini, Domus Romane (prenotazione obbligatoria)
    • Scavi di Ostia Antica

    From the list are omitted those museum which are already for free:

    • National Academy of San Luca
    • Carlo Bilotti Aranceria Museum of Villa Borghese
    • Museo della Repubblica Romana e della memoria garibaldina
    • Museo delle Mura
    • Museo di Casal de’ Pazzi
    • Museo Napoleonico
    • Museo Pietro Canonica at Villa Borghese
    • Villa di Massenzio and Romolo Mausoleum

    Where to buy Roma Pass

    Roma Pass is available in every Tourist Infopoint around the city of Rome and on the official website (link to the website below).

    WARNING! The official Roma Pass website is NOT Safe

    Once entered, your personal and credit card data are NOT encrypted by the system. We hope that the Municipality of Rome will as soon as possible adapt to the existing regulations concerning online security ( as it recently happened for the ticketing system of the Colosseum, after our reporting)

    We then strongly advise you to buy your Rome Pass directly in one of the Tourist Infopoint around the city.

    Alert: Do not buy your pass from touristic promoters on the street! And  in any case not at a higher price than those indicated on the official website

    Our point of view

    The best offer for visiting Rome using public transports. But also the only one exisiting.

    If we compare the roman offer with other european capital offers, we can not admit that there is still so much to work on. In our opinion, it is indeed necessary to  start from this point in order to revive tourism in the eternal city.

    Public transports are few, traffic makes it difficult for the buses to transit and the underground routes are reduced are all true facts. Critical issues which are difficult to solve, anyway.

    But this does not mean that the over 20 millions turists visiting Rome per year 1 can not use various modern systems to get access to all the information in a smart way.

    Negative aspects

    Besides the critical aspect concerning the purchase, such as the website not being safe, the card not being refundable or no home delivery service provided, there are still other problems that we hope will be fullfilled as soon as possible by the municipality of Rome in order to get back more competitive than ever.

    Smartphone app

    It has become a standard action: the tourist downloads the app on his/her smartphone, enters the personal code and visualizes all the information concerning the pass in real time. Thanks to the app, the tourist can  access to special offers, see the museums open hours, dispaly the public transport situation and avoid the queue scanning a Qrcode.

    Some cities provide the possibility to plan you personal itinerary!

    Limited time-period

    Rome counts thousand of turist attractions. There are around 25 museums and archaeological sites that appear in the list matchable with the Roma Pass card.

    It is hard to think that a tourist might decide to visit the most important city of art in the world and be satisfied just with moving for free with public transports for two days and visiting two museums.

    It is very likely that he/she will be pushed to purchase other public transport subscriptions or other monuments and museum tickets.

    For example the “London Pass” or the “New York Pass” has different offers which can last until 10 days.

    Having said that, in the meanwhile the Municipality finds a better solution or optimizes its current offer, the Roma Pass remains a good solution that will allow tourist to save money. So purchase with trust, there are no other solutions.

    1. 21 milion visitators in 2017, +66% in seven years | Data from Cst-Confesercenti
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