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How to choose the hotel for our visit to Rome?

Rome offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a hotel.

On this page you will find useful links to easily book your hotel or hotel in Rome as well as information to choose the best accommodation for your stay in the Eternal City.

Types of hotels

For those who already have a clear idea of the desired level in terms of stars, please use the quick search:

Hotel lists

If you are looking for a 5-star hotel, we have prepared the complete list of all luxury hotels in Rome. Same thing goes for the list of the best hotels and lodges near the Panthen, the most sought after area by tourists.

5 star hotels in Rome
Hotels near the Pantheon

Useful information before booking

We have created some guides containing useful information for choosing the area and the best time for a holiday in Rome.

Areas of Rome

In which areas of Rome is it preferable to book our hotel?

Areas of Rome (Italian language only)

Apartments, bed & breakfast and hostels

In addition to hotels, it is also possible to book apartments, bed & breakfast, guest houses ed hostels.

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Hotel booking in Rome

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