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Churches of Rome

Churches of Rome

Churches of Rome: list of religious buildings of historical and architectural importance in the capital. From the papal basilicas to the early Christian, medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches (work in progress ..).

Papal Basilicas

Church Date of construction Address
Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano (Rome Cathedral) First basilica of the 4th century Second Basilica of the Xth Century under Pope Sergius III. Reconstructed under Pope Clement V and Pope John XXII. Destroyed in 1360. Reconstructed again in 1660 under Pope Innocent X Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 4
St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican Construction began in 1506 under Pope Julius II. Inaugurated in 1626 under Pope Urban VIII. Contribute to the project Michelangelo Buonarroti and Carlo Maderno Piazza San Pietro in Vaticano
Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore First building under Pope Liberius (352-366) on a previous church. Rebuilt under Pope Sixtus III (432-440). Substantial changes between the 12th and 16th centuries Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore, 186
Basilica di San Lorenzo fuori le mura First basilica from the 4th century dating back to Emperor Constantine I, then abandoned. A new church was built on the nearby tomb of the martyr Lorenzo under Pope Pelagius II. Expanded in 1217 by Pope Honorius III Piazzale del Verano, 3

Early Christian and Medieval Churches

Church Date of construction Address
Pantheon First construction between 27 and 25 BC under Agrippa. Destroyed in the 110 fire, rebuilt by Trajan and completed by Hadrian Piazza della Rotonda
Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli II sec. A.D. Rebuilt in 455 Piazza di San Pietro in Vincoli, 4/a
Basilica di Santa Sabina V sec. Piazza Pietro D’Illiria, 1
Santa Maria in Cosmedin 6th century, enlarged to three naves in the 8th century 12th century bell tower Piazza della Bocca della Verità, 18
Santa Prassede 822 Via di Santa Prassede, 9
San Giorgio in Velabro VI sec. Via del Velabro, 19
San Clemente al Laterano Original Basilica of 385. Destroyed in 1084. New construction in the 12th century Via Labicana, 95
Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere XII sec. Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
Basilica dei Santi Quattro Coronati XII sec. Via dei Santi Quattro, 20
Basilica di Santa Cecilia in Trastevere V sec. Piazza di Santa Cecilia, 22
Basilica di San Crisogono IV sec. Piazza Sidney Sonnino, 44
Basilica dei Santi Cosma e Damiano 6th century. Originally Temple of Romulus (4th century) Via dei Fori Imperiali, 1
Santa Maria Antiqua VI sec. Via di S. Teodoro, 1
Basilica di Santa Maria in Momnica VII century under Pasquale I. Subsequent interventions in the 16th and 20th centuries Via della Navicella, 10

Chiese gotiche

Church Date of construction Indirizzo
Santa Maria sopra Minerva 1280, work of the Dominicans commissioned by Bonifacio VII Piazza della Minerva, 42

Renaissance churches

Church Date of construction Address
Santa Maria del Popolo 11th century Rebuilt in 1472 under Sixtus IV. Important interventions between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries Piazza del Popolo, 12
Basilica di Sant’Agostino Between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Finished in 1420 Via di S. Eustachio, 19
San Luigi dei Francesi 1518 – 1589 funded by Caterina de ‘Medici on an original chapel owned by the French community of Rome Piazza di S. Luigi de’ Francesi
Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri 1562 by Michelangelo Buonarroti, exploiting the remains of the frigidarium of the Baths of Diocletian Piazza della Repubblica

Baroque churches

Church Date of construction Address
Church of the Jesus 1568 at the behest of Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Society of Jesus). Via degli Astalli, 16
Sant’Ignazio 1626 on the previous church of the Annunziata Via del Caravita, 8a
Santa Maria in Vallicella (Chiesa Nuova) 1577 on a church dedicated to the nativity of the Madonna of the thirteenth century. Completed in 1614. Bell tower from 1666 Via del Governo Vecchio, 134
Sant’Agnese in Agone 1652 commissioned by Innocenzo X Panphili. Completed in 1672 Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima, 30/A (Piazza Navona)
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane 1634-1644 by Francesco Borromini financed by Francesco Barberini. Cloister of Borromini Via del Quirinale, 23
Sant’Andrea al Quirinale 1658-1678. Project by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, commissioned by Pope Alexander VII Via del Quirinale, 30
Santa Maria della Vittoria 1608-1620. Project by Carlo Maderno on behalf of the Discalced Carmelites.  Via XX Settembre
Sant’Andrea della Valle 1590-1650 on a previous church dedicated to San Sebastiano. Project by Giacomo della Porta. Completed by Carlo Maderno. Facade of the Grimaldi added between 1655-1663 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza 1642-1660, dedicated to Sant’Ivo Hélory. Architect: Francesco Borromini Corso del Rinascimento, 40

Contemporary churches

Church Date of construction Address
Church of the Great Mother of God Made between 1931 and 1933 at the behest of Pope Pius XI Via Cassia, 1
Church of God the Merciful Father (Jubilee Church) 1998-2003. Realized by the architect Richard Meier (the one who created the Ara Pacis reliquary) Piazza Largo Terzo Millennio, 8

Sanctuaries and abbeys

Church Date of construction Address
Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Divine Love Consisting of a church from 1745 and a new church from 1999. A destination for pilgrimages Via del Santuario. Castel di Leva
Abbazia delle Tre Fontane Consisting of three churches: the abbey church of Saints Anastasius and Vincent (12th century), Church of the beheading of Saint Paul (1599), Santa Maria Scala Coeli (1582-1584) Via di Acque Salvie, 1


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